4x more responses with your forms​

4x more responses with your forms

I will create a typebot for you that will capture the data and share the input of data on a google sheet. 

Easy marketing campaign recipe

Create a Landing Page

You create a personalized landing page for the customers you are targeting for the campaign. You can contact us to create highly optimized conversion landing pages.

Create a lead generation form

You need to create a form in order to qualify your lead I will create a high-converting form attached within the Chat Bot.

Connect the form to your existing tools

You need to collect your generated leads in your CRM (Hubspot, Pipedrive) or in a Google Sheets for example.
We will connect the form to google sheet or via zapier to your preferred software.

Embed the form in your landing page

Your form needs to be embedded in your landing page. Most of the time, it is painful when you're not a coder.
My typebot can be embedded on your Landing Pages easily.

Run your campaign

If you need any help with running ads or campaign contact us now.

Stop losing data from your forms

Instead of collecting it only when it is fully submitted, with a Typebot form, you collect the result as soon as the user answers the first question. So you are in complete control of the data. It will get pasted onto your google sheet or your preferred software.

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