5 Brand New Trends In Digital Marketing You Might Have Overlooked

5 Brand New trends in digital marketing you might have overlooked

1. Email marketing 2.0 use Surges 100X

Email was thought to be dead, when Social Media was on the rise in the initial days. The fact is Email marketing was initially the original methods to do business.

Supporting this new trends favor many Email Servicing Provider in the market and their revenue has quickly grown to over $1.8M in monthly revenue.

One of the most successful of these emerging players in the ESP space is ConvertKit.

One more fact is largely, people have started to pay for email marketing news letters. So more and more influencers are using email marketing tools and services like rapid growth of Substack, a platform for folks that run paid newsletters.

2. Influencer marketing goes micro niche

According to a survey conducted by Social Publi, 93% of marketers already use influencer marketing. This is largely because influencer marketing can bring higher ROI compared to SEO or PPC .

As many people are jumping into it the cost is rising, and hence people are preferring microinfluencer. They charge less and the specifics like demographics can be focussed.

So noticeably people are prefering mircoinfluencers rather than a full time influencer.

3. Chatbot use skyrockets to a new grow

Email marketing and automation on the rise, many solopreneuers and brands are reducing the need to interact with humans. A bot does all the hard work and stays working 24*7.

In fact, one study found that about half of all websites now use a chatbot, and the number is growing week by week , starting , I also use a chatbot on my website.

4. PPC becomes massively automated

For people who are non-techie there are software in open market that largely gets your work done. Almost as soon as Google Adwords (now Google Ads) came onto the scene, software programs emerged to help marketers optimize their campaigns.

Unlike earlier google ads can now be managed with Smart Bidding and marketers can use Facebook Dynamic Creative to quickly test hundres of Ads Variation

5. Video emerges to be the NEW king

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit all support video content, and many are transitioning to become “video first” social networks.

YouTube reports that users watch 1 billion hours worth of videos every day.

That’s a massive number, cosnidering youtube as sole ecosytem in itself. The potential is immense and marketers are learning the skills behind creating engaging videos.