The Power of Habit

Widely considered a classic on the subject, Charles Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit” is a 400-page methodical exploration of the nature and the machinery of our habits. Much more importantly, it is also a manual on how to train yourself out of the bad ones. So, get ready to learn how habits work and how …

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Start with Why

What will you learn? How to balance between gut instinct and data-backed decision-making. Why the golden circle analysis is bound to give you new insights about your organization. How important charisma is when leading people. Most of the time, we try to blend into a societal group closest to our beliefs and let society do …

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Purple Cow- By Seth Godin

Purple Cow “In a world of million products and billion commercials” – marketing guru Seth Godin writes in “Purple Cow” – “your one chance for success is to be remarkable.” And that’s what this book is about: the why and the how of becoming extraordinary. So, get ready to learn why the profession of marketing …

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