24 Ways to Set up a Totally Awesome Environment for 10X Productivity

Start working faster, with Minimum Effort.

Productivity tools & tips that will make your life easier specially for marketers, digital entrepreneurs, freelancers and everyone using a computer 💻

1. Google Chrome (Free)

  • Faster
  • Great plugins
  • Developer tools
  • Generally better for digital marketers

2. Slack (Freemium)

  • You’re probably already using it, but if not, use Slack
  • Don’t use email: this is the best way to manage intra-team communication

3. Clean up your hard drive

  • Many people say “my computer sucks”, but it’s  more likely that you suck 
  • Links below for simple tutorials on how to clean out your hard drive and stop programs eating up your RAM

Please visit How to speed up your Mac or
How to speed up your PC

4. Speed Up Your Mouse (Free)

  • Go into your settings and speed up your mouse
  • Increasing the speed of things at the top of a funnel can have downstream effects on everything else

5. Gmail Shortcuts (Free)

  • Get out of the dark ages and use Gmail shortcuts
  • You don’t need all of them, but our favorite ones are listed below

➡️ Gmail shortcuts

6. Boomerang for Gmail (Freemium)

  • Chrome extension that helps you schedule emails and generally manage your inbox
  • Gmail has introduced a few of these features, but we still like Boomerang more

7. Gmail Canned Response (Free)

  • Gmail advanced setting that lets you create templates for emails that you send all the time 
  • Write templates for emails that you send all the time, and then save many hours every week

8. Inbox Zero (Free)

  • This isn’t a plugin, but a philosophy. Basic idea: put every email you get into 1 of 4 buckets:
    • Do it now
    • Do it later
    • Don’t do it (archive or delete)
    • Make someone else do it

9. Ugly Email (Free)

  • Simple Chrome extension that shows you when people who send you emails have added tracking to it

10. LastPass (Freemium)

  • Chrome extension that stores your passwords
  • If you are a mess, this plugin will change your life

11. CloudApp (Freemium)

  • Makes it really easy to share screenshots and GIFs

12. Link Grabber (Free)

  • Chrome extension that grabs all the links on a page
  • Easily copy/paste all links in a new tab

13. Google Tag Assistant (Free)

  • Extension that shows if Google tags are working
  • Absolutely vital!

14. Redirect Path  (Free)

  • Extension that shows the redirect path on a page
  • Identify bad response codes like 302s, 404s, 503s

15. Google Analytics Opt-Out  (Free)

  • Extension that blocks Google Analytics
  • Use to remove your visits from your sites

16. Ghostery (Free)

  • Blocks all trackers on all sites by default

17. Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator (Free)

  • The single most important thing you will do in your life

18. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar (Paid)

Chrome extension that shows you comprehensive backlink data in chrome and in Google results.

You’ll need an Ahrefs account or free trial account to use it.

19. WhatsMySERP (Freemium)

Very inexpensive daily rank tracking tool

20. WhatsMySERP Everywhere (Free)

Shows keyword search volume on top of search results.

Free alternative to Keywords Everywhere.

21. Tabextend (Free)

  • Extension that helps you organize bookmarks and save for later.

22. Grammarly for Chrome (Free)

Chrome extension that fixes your grammar

23. SEO Minion (Free)

  • Chrome extension that does a number of SEO tasks to make your life easier 
  • Pulls out the title tag, meta description, canonical tag, meta robots tag, heading tag, image alt tags, finds broken links and more

24. Hunter (Freemium)

  • Extension to find email addresses from a website

24. Consider your physical environment!

  • Are you comfortable? Check your external monitor, laptop stand, Wireless Keyboard, How is your view, posture, do you have plants?

Stay comfortable and calm. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just has to be conscious

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