3 Methods To Keep Your WhatsApp Chat Safe

Make your WhatsApp safe and secure with 3 methods- What is WhatsApp GB?

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Lately we have seen much news around to keep your WhatsApp chat secure and private. Privacy matters and what not.
Let us know which method will help you:

1. Turn Off AUTO BACK UP ( Android users )

for all the Android users, when the chat backup takes place in Google Drive, the content is not encrypted. The company itself mentions this on its FAQ website “Media and messages you back up aren’t protected by WhatsApp end-to-end encryption while in Google Drive.”

However, it might not be the case going forward. As mentioned by the WABeta Info account, Google Drive backup of chats might finally be encrypted. The feature is said to be under development.

  • First open WhatsApp or the WhatsAppWeb, then click on the three dot menu on the right side and go to settings.
  • After going into the settings, you will get the option of WhatsApp GB chat backup in chat options.
  • Select a backup frequency to When I tap or manual.

    This problem will be fixed soon.
2. Turn on 2FA on WhatsAppWeb or mobile app

Two-step verification is an optional feature that adds more security to your account. When you have two-step verification enabled, any attempt to verify your phone number on WhatsApp GB must be accompanied by the six-digit PIN that you created using this feature.

To enable two-step verification, open WhatsApp GB Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable.

3. Finger print and passcodes
  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Tap on the three dot icon on the top right corner to access more options.
  3. Tap on Settings.
  4. Tap on Account.
  5. Tap on Privacy.
  6. Scroll down to ‘Fingerprint lock’ and tap on it.
  7. Turn on ‘Unlock with fingerprint sensor’

For Detailed walkthrough visit here

Quick Tip: Stay Protected Stay Private.

What is Whatsapp gb?

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