The Sales Funnel

Target Personas and The Sales Funnel

3 Things around the Sales Funnel

Target Persona

Customer Avatar, Buyers Journey or Target Persona

Your target persona is designed to represent the wants and needs of your customer base.

Pro Tip: Create a target persona for each segment of your customer base, to better target your messaging.

Traffic Sources

There are different type of traffic sources, for example SEO Traffic for top of the funnel or Direct or Paid Advertising or Social Media or Referral Trafic for Middle or Bottom of Funnel Trafic.

Return Path

The best example of Return Path is which brings back user to top of the funnel or middle of the funnel or back to the funnel journey by mode of emails or Retargeting Ads. Example Abandon Cart Emails that will give 10% discount if you checkout the items you missed before.

Sales Funnel

Top of the Funnel

This source of traffic is generally the high traffic that comes at your landing page. Various sources of Top of the Funnel Traffic are:

  1. Blog Post
  2. Video , YouTube Video Etc or
  3. Podcast



Middle of the Funnel

Middle of the funnel is like asking Mobile Number, Email id, contact details etc. Middle of the Funnel is Hey, How can I connect with you later on?
This type of traffic is generated by:

  1. Lead Magnet like an Ebook 
  2. Opt-In like a Webinar or a FREE course
  3. Low Price Offer (Trip Wire)



Bottom of the Funnel

Bottom of the Funnel is where the magic happens. It is the place where you pitch in your offer and Increase conversions.
The Funnel is like Top of the Funnel where an user enters and then moves to middle of the funnel where he/she decides to share contact details and Moves to the bottom of the Funnel where the user purchases your Product/Services.




This is where everyone thinks the journey is over, but if you focus on this part of the funnel it generates great ROI. Here you can upsell, crossell, upgrade etc because it is easier to make a sell on existing customer rather than getting new customers on board.

This type of traffic is generated by:

  1. Annual Event
  2. Subscription
  3. Repeat Purchases



Few Examples of a Funnel

Webinar Funnel

Webinar Funnel

Mini Class Registration Funnel

Mini Course Sales Funnel

Product Sales Funnel

Product Sales Funnel

Lead Magnet Funnel

Call Booking Funnel